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The Math Blackboard offers online tutoring and academic support in ACT Test preparation and in math courses ranging from middle school math to Calculus, led by a certified math teacher with over 18 years of teaching experience.  

Using interactive technologies and an online classroom space, we work together on the same page in real time.  You can utilize the services and expertise offered through this tutoring program from anyplace that you have an internet connection.  Day, evening, and weekend hours are available, so you are able to arrange a time that works well within your schedule. 

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To provide learning opportunities for students by offering engaging discussions and interactive tutoring sessions.  The discussions are not just about completing homework, but about strengthening students' understanding of concepts so they can continue to build their knowledge with confidence.

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Before working with Ruth, math was frustrating and unenjoyable for me.  She helped ignite my passion for math, making it one of my favorite subjects."


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To help students build their confidence, ability, and expertise in math and ACT test preparation by offering support through engaging conversations, online discussions, practice examples, problem solving, and test preparation.