Do I need special equipment besides a computer and an internet connection in order to utilize online tutoring services?

No.  Just a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection is sufficient.  However, many students find that it is much easier to write equations, draw graphs, and write homework problems on the screen by using a digital tablet and pen.  If you wish to consider purchasing a tablet, nothing more than a basic tablet is needed for our online math work.

Can I schedule specific times and days to work with you, just as if you visited my home for the tutoring session?

Yes - absolutely!  You will schedule the time that works best for you during any given week.  You have the opportunity to secure a set day and time that we will meet throughout the semester, or the opportunity to change our meeting time week-by-week.  However, if you choose to change your tutoring time each week, keep in mind that my schedule is restricted by sessions that are already scheduled with other students.

Is online tutoring difficult to figure out?

During our initial, free consultation, I will work with you to describe and demonstrate how we work on the same interactive whiteboard page.  We will work some sample problems together to help you get a feel for the tools of the whiteboard.  Other than becoming familiar with using a digital tablet and pen (if you choose to use these tools), most students find online tutoring to be very similar to working with a teacher or tutor face-to-face at a desk or table using pencil and paper.

Do students find success using online tutoring?

I have found in my 18+ years of teaching that students have a high rate of success when working one-on-one to learn the material, whether this be in the classroom, in after school homework help labs, during homework time at home, or by utilizing the services of a tutor.  By having the one-on-one discussion of the content tailored to the level of the student's understanding, academic growth and success follow.  Because awesome technologies allow us to work together interactively in real time, online tutoring is not all that different from paper-pencil tutoring and thus many students are finding success using this option of enhancing and supplementing their learning.

How often should we schedule the tutoring sessions?

Because learning takes time and is an ongoing process, consistent meetings with a tutor gives students a chance to learn concepts solidly.  Therefore, it is ideal to schedule at least one session (an hour long) once a week; and for academically rigorous math courses such as Honors and AP, one and a half hour sessions or two one hour sessions each week are advised.


Ruth goes above and beyond to ensure that my daughter understands the concepts.  Her passion for math is evident, and it comes through in her teaching.  She is patient, understanding, and extremely dedicated."

A quick glance at a typical set-up and screen in the online classroom: